$6-$50 for individual prices/ $99 for Day Pass


Certain games are restricted to ages 10+


Activities are available daily. However, some require advanced reservations.

Capacity limits

Some activities have limited capacity or require a minimum number of guests to play.


The check-in building is located at the bottom of the Adventure Zone parking lot.


The Adventure Zone is your one-stop destination for thrills and entertainment. With 8 different activities, there is guaranteed something for everyone to enjoy. From all-age friendly games to adrenaline-pumping sports, we have everything you need to fill your day with excitement.

Our activities include: Laser tag, skeet shooting, axe throwing, disc golf, miniature golf, remote control cars, 3D archery, and motor assisted eBike rentals. 

The Adventure Zone is located in Pipestem Resort State Park and open to the public between specified dates from May to September.


Adventure Zone All-Inclusive Pass

Pipestem’s Adventure Zone brings 8 of the most exciting outdoor sports and games
together for a day of non-stop fun.

We dare you to find a more action-packed spot in all of the Mountain State.

The all-inclusive pass gives you a full day’s access to as many activities as you can do, or you can book any activity individually.

*Only Available from May – September*


Axe throwing


Looking for a fun and exciting experience? Come give Axe throwing a try.

Axe throwing tests your skills and abilities as you try to stick your axe into a wooden target—think an extreme version of darts. There are a variety of different axe throwing games that can be played such as the traditional high-score winner, a race to reach 21, and around the world to name a few.

Pipestem Adventures has 4 outdoor axe throwing lanes and each lane can accommodate up to 4 guests—making it perfect for both small and large groups. We also have an axe throwing pro at hand to help you master your throwing technique and to navigate the various games.

Axe throwing is great for any occasion. It makes for a fun way to spend time with family and friends and makes for an unforgettable date. Axe throwing is also a great way to celebrate birthdays, company parties, family gatherings, or any other reason needing a celebration.   

The price is $25 per person for a 1.5-hour block of time and can be reserved by phone or online. For the fall/winter season we run reservations only and require bookings to be made 72 hours in advance.

Your safety is our top priority, so we do have some requirements. We limit the age to 10+ years and ask that individuals aged 10-16 be accompanied by an adult. Closed toe shoes are also required when throwing axes. We cannot allow for more than the limited number for a single lane.

Ages 10+ (10-16 accompanied by an adult)
4-16 guests

3D Archery


What is 3D archery?

3D archery takes a more adventurous approach to the sport of archery.

Traditional archery is typically flat, stationary, and has you shooting at a basic target. 3D archery on the other hand, sets up different stations along a trail that goes through wooded areas and over hills creating a course full of natural challenges.

The targets for this sport are more extreme as well. 3D archery gets its name from the three-dimensional life-sized targets modeled after popular wild game animals that are used in place of the traditional bullseye. Models of elk, bear, deer, and boar are just a few examples of the variety of targets you can find on our archery course.

Each of the targets are divided up into different sections which are worth an increasing amount of points the more difficult the spot is to hit. The standard scoring begins with 8 points for hitting the target at all and increases to 14 points if you hit the most challenging spot.

Pipestem Adventures has 30 different stations along our 3D archery trail and will take you through some of the most beautiful, wooded areas of Pipestem State Park.

Our 3D archery is great for beginners and expert bowhunters alike. For pros, set up is quick and easy. For beginners, our guides will fit you with the right type of bow and help you hone your shots before heading out on the trail.

We have all the equipment you need to get going and it’s all included in the price—however, you are more than welcome to bring your own equipment. We have both recurve bows—which are more kid friendly and easier to draw—and compact bows available for use so that anyone can enjoy this great outdoor activity.

3D archery is limited for guests 8 and up. Guests ages 8-16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Ages 8+ (8-16 accompanied by an adult)
1-8 guests

Miniature Golf


Nothing says family-fun quite like a round of miniature golf. A favorite for guests of all-ages, mini golf is without question a timeless classic.

Equip yourself with colorful golf balls and putters then take on the challenges of our 18-hole golf course. Our outdoor course celebrates its home at Pipestem Park with a wonderful and fun West Virginia theme. Models of park attractions such as the Bolar Tower create obstacles for certain holes—while other holes have zany challenges such as the loop-the-loop which try to keep you from getting a hole-in-one. We would be remiss to not mention the resident bigfoot that stands guard in our course.

If you want to smile and laugh, then our mini golf is the game for you.

Ages 4+ (4-8 accompanied by an adult)
2-18 guests

Disc Golf

Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. So, come out and play a round with us at Pipestem Adventures.

The rules are simple, players start out at a designated tee and throw their disc towards the goal—which is typically referred to as a hole or basket. Just like in golf, where the disc lands is where the next play begins, and you continue until you successfully land the disc in the basket. Each hole is scored by the number of throws taken to get the disc in the basket. The difficulty of each hole is also determined by the number of throws considered to make par. Thus, the fewer throws to the basket the better the score.

There are a variety of discs used in Disc Golf to help strategically improve your approach to the goal. Each disc is specifically designed for either speed and distance, or control. Pipestem Adventures has a Driver Disc, Mid-Range Disc, and Putter Disc for our course—all of which are included as part with the admission fee and come with a convenient carrying case. More experienced guests are welcome to bring and use their own equipment.  

Pipestem State Park has an 18-hole course which is divided by a front and back 9. The front 9 is a perfect introduction to the game and allows beginners to learn the basics while still having fun. The back 9 then increases the challenges as it winds through hills and wooded areas to create obstacles and test player skills.

It’s a perfect game for guests of just about all ages and it’s a fun way to experience the beauty of the outdoors.

*Check-in is at the Pro Shop during off-season months*

Ages 6+ (6-8 accompanied by an adult)
1-10 guests

Remote-Controlled Cars and Trucks

Take control of our RC cars and trucks and hit the tracks. These aren’t just toy cars either, but hobby-grade vehicles that have size, power, and speed. Take to the racetrack with our cars and hit speeds of up to 30mph as you bolt for a record best time. Then, take to our off-road course with our 4wd trucks to hit jumps, climb over obstacles, and complete laps with skill and speed.
This is a great activity for everyone to enjoy. It’s a blast to both watch and play. Vehicles and instructions provided.   
Ages 6+ (6-12 accompanied by an adult)
4-10 guests

Laser Tag


Pipestem Adventures brings award-winning laser tag to Pipestem State Park.

Two teams—armed with laser rifles—compete for the high score in a series of laser tag matches. Our warehouse arena is transformed into a futuristic battlefield as blacklights illuminate florescent colors to create a sci-fi feeling. Players can strategically maneuver around barriers and obstacles to gain an advantage over their foes.

This state-of-the-art system was created by former video game developers who wanted to modernize laser tag for the digital age. Far gone are the clunky vests and tethered guns of the 80’s. Our laser tag system drastically improves on the accuracy and responsiveness of the laser tag equipment of the past allowing for a seamless and fun experience.

Gather a group of friends and family then blast your way to victory as you compete in this awesome game. Our laser tag is open to the public and it’s the perfect activity for gatherings and parties.    

Ages 6+ (6-12 accompanied by an adult)
6-16 guests

Skeet Shooting


Pipestem Adventures brings the exciting sport of skeet shooting to Pipestem State Park. Skeet shooting puts guests behind the sights of a shotgun as flying targets called clay pigeons are launched overhead. The goal of the sport is to shoot and break as many of these clay targets as possible.

Pipestem Adventures is open to the public and has 6 shooting posts allowing for parties of up to 6 people to shoot together. A round of skeet shooting consists of 25 clays and 25 shells per guest. Shotgun rentals, safety equipment, shells, and clay pigeons are all included with the entrance fee—however, guests are more than welcome to bring their own equipment.

How the sport is played.

The round begins with the shooter in the first position which is typically the post farthest to the left. The shooter will load a single shell into their shotgun, initiate the launch of the clay pigeon by shouting “pull”, and then firing at the target. The shooters in the other positions will follow consecutively until the turn again falls on the first shooter. After all guests have had 5 shots, shooters typically switch posts to give them a new vantage point.

The round concludes when all guests have launched and fired at their 25 targets. Scoring is measured by 1 point for every clay pigeon hit—a score of 25 being a perfect score.

Pipestem Adventures prides itself on being the perfect range for beginners and experts alike. For beginners, our guides while help you become comfortable with safely operating your firearm. We will also provide you with tips to successfully hit the targets. We use both 12- and 20-gauge shotguns and we’ll make sure that you are fitted with the right firearm for a comfortable experience.

Ages 10+ (10-16 accompanied by an adult)
4-6 guests

Motor Assisted Mountain E-Bikes

Pipestem Adventures is bringing some of the newest tech in mountain biking to the park with electric bikes. These bikes make riding more accessible to those of varying level of fitness and experience. Ride longer, farther, and with greater ease than ever before. Don’t dread a strenuous ride as these bikes have motors that make climbing hills and traveling long distances a breeze.

Bikes and helmets are included.

We also have guided bike tours that use this new bike technology and take riders through the park trails and to some of the most beautiful areas of the park. Click here if you want to learn more. 

Ages 10+ (10-12 accompanied by an adult)
1-6 guests

Book online or by calling 1-833-WV-PARKS

3405 Pipestem Drive, Pipestem, WV 25979 – Recreation area of Pipestem Resort State Park