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Pipestem Resort State Park


Pipestem Resort State Park


Pipestem Resort State Park


West Virginia State Parks

Pipestem Resort State Park is West Virginia’s largest state park. It is nestled between Mercer and Summers Counties in southern West Virginia, and it sits on the east rim of the Bluestone River Gorge, which carves through the plateau to the scenic Bluestone River 1,200 feet below. The entire park is a fantastic destination for all outdoor enthusiasts. The park offers accommodations for guests looking for a comfortable and newly-renovated lodge, an array of cabins or campsites.

Pipestem is an adventurer’s paradise – for the individual or for families seeking outdoor excitement from a variety of activities. West Virginia’s best zipline takes enthusiasts down the Bluestone gorge on ziplines at heights up to 300 feet, and then delivers them back to the top via a scenic tram ride. Other adventures satisfy a range of skill and excitement levels and include skeet shooting, axe throwing, kayaking, horseback riding, electric bikes, golf, swimming, mini golf and much more.

Pipestem Resort State Park gets its name from the native pipestem or meadowsweet plant. Native Americans and early pioneers used the hollowed-out twigs as shafts for tobacco pipes. For generations, the descendants of Scotch, Irish and English farmers farmed the relatively flat plateau on the east side of the Bluestone River Gorge. The land was rich in beauty but lacking in jobs. In the 1960s, West Virginia received financial assistance to buy property to create a park that would attract visitors to help grow the local economy. The park was built with grants provided by the Area Redevelopment Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce under the administration of President John F. Kennedy. The park officially opened on Memorial Day 1970.